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Final Post- What’s the First Album You Owned?

Well, it’s my last day guest posting here at feministe, and I just wanted to say thanks to my gracious hosts for letting me clutter up their site. I really appreciated the invitation, and it’s been a really interesting week. I’ve had several lively posts on here, so I thought I’d turn it down a notch for my final post. Nothing about children or parenting or sex-work or pornography. I thought about talking about BJ Thomas*, but, aside from my abiding love for Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, what else is there to say?

Well, there is one thing.

See, the first cd player I ever owned was given to me one year for Christmas. It was a Big Gift. I still don’t know why, but my mother thought that BJ Thomas’ greatest hits was a great gift, as well. So, the second cd I ever owned was BJ Thomas. Now, at the time, I was listening to Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Tool… that sort of thing. As you might imagine, BJ Thomas wasn’t exactly a hit with me. Much better was the first cd I ever owned- Flood, by They Might Be Giants. I still own that one, too. I’m actually a little surprised that it still plays. That was a pretty long time ago.

To this day, I still love TMBG, and Flood, in particular. If I’m feeling a little down, I can throw on “Birdhouse in Your Soul” and before the song is over, I’m tapping my foot and singing along. As more and more music is sold digitally online, I wonder if people will have as much attachment to particular albums. I really like that I can pick up the album. That I can look at the liner notes. That I can see the artwork. I like that I can remember road trips where I played that album.

So, anyone else still remember the first cd/tape/record they owned?
Have a particular album that always makes you tap your foot? That you can’t help singing along to?

Consider this an open invite to share- and thanks again, everyone!
See you around!

*Eh. I thought it was funny.

Friday is List Day…

Months and months ago, I noticed the friday random ten from here or Pandagon (I forget where I noticed it first). I thought it was a fun idea, so I adopted it and added other random lists to create Friday List Day at 79 Soul. I figured I’d share here, too.

Random Ten

1. Death in Vegas – “Dirge”
2. Kid Koala – “Fender Bender”
3. L7 – “Shit List”
4. KMFDM – “Terror”
5. The Animals – “Bring it on Home to Me”
6. Alice in Chains – “Grind”
7. Cibo Matto – “King of Silence (Dan the Automator Remix)”
8. The Strokes – “Is This It?”
9. Camera Obscura – “Let’s Get Out of This Country”
10. Blur – “On Your Own”

The Last Six Video Games I Played

1. Worms (Dreamcast)
2. Toy Commander (Dreamcast)
3. Super Bust-a-Move (Dreamcast)
4. You Don’t Know Jack (PC)
5. Soldat (PC)
6. Mario Party 5 (Gamecube)

By all means, share your random ten- or whatever other list you feel like sharing- in the comments. Happy Friday everyone!

Friday Fluff.

Tonight, after the kids are in bed, I’m going to lie down on the sofa if front of the TV with a Netflix copy of Pan’s Labyrinth. And I will fall asleep fifteen minutes into it. And nobody is going to stop me.

Before I do that, I have an axe to grind with my hostess, which I have bravely waited until she’s well and gone before I bring it up: What’s with her stealing my celebrity boyfriend?

This will not do. I do not share my celebrity boyfriends! And don’t think I didn’t read the comment threads on those posts – the rest of you have to back off, too.

Furthermore, I will see your Sayid and raise you one House.


Have a great weekend, boyfriend thieves!

Mixed Ability Undressed in NYC


Very cool event happening in New York City next week: An open performance from an experimental dance/theater company made up of people with and without disabilities, and of varying ages, sizes and body types. According to one of the members, “Our Undressed Project contains nudity and provocative material. It is a radical challenging of body image prejudice and an unique statement of body acceptance.”

The details:

NYC: May 16th – Dance Theater Workshop, 7pm

Dandelion shows developing excerpts from our Undressed Project, May 16th at Movement Research’s “Open Performance Series” at Dance Theater Workshop. Performed by Christine Chen, Debby Kajiyama, Eric Kupers, Jacques Poulin-Denis and Stacz Sadowski.

219 W. 19th St., Manhattan — (212) 691-6500

What is open performance?

A program of non-curated shared showings of experimentation and work-in-progress, for artists at all stages of their development. The events include an audience discussion moderated by a Movement Research Artist-In-Residence, where they will experiment with different feedback methods to support and inform the artists’ process.

Open Performance will take place at the DTW Studio, 3rd Floor