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What I’m Reading Since I’m Not Writing

  • Bakerina writes an amazingly entertaining ode to eggs. The incredible, edible kind.
  • My Life As Nothing – On growing up Atheist, or rather, as nothing at all.
  • The moral politics of “Meet the Fockers.”
  • Framing of an article often tells us more about the author and his or her institution than the article itself. This one in particular deals with father’s rights groups, Christian groups, and one fundamentalist nutjob who believed God sent him a message to circumcise his son in the bathroom with a steak knife.
  • Apparently LiveJournalers make fun of us non-LJ writers. That’s good because we’re making fun of them too. Apophenia writes on the acquisition of LiveJournal by Six Apart.
  • The Extrapolation Factor: Shelley at Burnigbird takes issue with “people behaving badly” in marriage laid at the feet of one gender. An insightful and provocative post.
  • Equally provocative is this post by Dru Blood on parenting, and those of us parents who proclaim we don’t want to be like THOSE parents (you know the ones) in response to several dicussions about parenting on other blogs.


It appears that WordPress is immediately throwing some comments into the moderation queue and not others.

Thus, try not to double-post, as your comment is not lost but waiting for me to come along and approve it.

I haven’t figured out what the triggers are, but I’ll try to fix it.

Where’s My Survey?

Yahoo News reports that Blog Creation, Readership Rises in 2004:

Readership of online journals known as blogs grew significantly in 2004, driven by increased awareness of them during the presidential campaign and other major news events, according to a study released Sunday.

Twenty-seven percent of online adults in the United States said in November they read blogs, compared with 17 percent in a February survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

I can’t wait until blogs are known as “blogs” instead of “online journal” or some other such crap.

And then after a lengthy explanation about the use of blogs in Dean’s presidential campaign, and blogging the tsunami, and the obligatory mention of Power Line,

Blog creators tend to be male, affluent, well-educated and young; 70 percent of them have high-speed connections at home, and 82 percent have been online at least six years.

Of six qualifiers mentioned here, I meet three. I am young, have had a personal realm on the internet for eight years, and am reasonably well-educated. Apparently they polled Matt Yglesias and the boys at Pandagon for this survey. WATW?: At least Time magazine remembered us.

And as reading things like this always causes me to do, I wonder why the hell I never get polled.

PHP is Hard

Yes, I’m trying to pass test posts as content.

I have aready accidentally rewritten the index file with the old MT index, and had to recover it. Thankfully my trusty backup files came through. But not without losing some things. Of course. Because this can’t be easy. No.

WordPress runs on completely different tags and structure than MT and it’s a daunting switch. I don’t understand the PHP calls in the pesky plug-ins and have been emailing Shelley at an alarming rate for help, cruising through the WordPress support forums in search of answers, mostly to no avail. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for.

I have already taken on another web project that is thankfully within my grasp. In the meantime, arranging my own web space just may have to wait.

Officially Switched from MT to WordPress

Thanks so much to Shelley of Burningbird for walking me through this change, and sometimes taking over completely. Shelley is a WordPress goddess.

My allotment of sever space could no longer handle the rebuilds necessary to maintain the MT blog, so something had to happen. I have played around with WordPress before and knew it was a lighter, cleaner sort of blogging software. I still have to figure out the template structure, as I’m not that happy with the way this looks right now, but I hope to soon have something adequate for my picky self. In some ways I feel like I’m back where I started when I first used MT, fumbling around with the template and gazing longingly at others’ pages and their personal tweaks.

Nonetheless, here we go. Thrills abound.