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I quickly resurrected an old masthead and footer for this layout while going through files for a web project I was supposed to have finished for Krista forever ago.

Don’t know if I like it yet, but it will do.

The Dingo Ate My Baby

Nope, not thinking up a title.

The Ten Worst Corporations of 2004: Unfortunately the “no-repeat rule forbids otherwise-deserving companies – like Bayer, Boeing, Clear Channel and Halliburton” keep them off this year’s list, where they belong.

Arianna Huffington offers the Political Oscars of 2005. I have only seen one single, solitary movie nominated for the Oscars, so I’m not much in a caring mood. However,

Creative Writing:
Best: Charlie Kaufman for his mind-bending screenplay, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Worst: Alberto Gonzales for his morality-bending memo calling the Geneva Conventions “quaint” (a.k.a., “Eternal Torment of the Enemy Mind”).

was good enough for me.

There is one more explanation for why I might be feeling ill. After last night I’m fairly sure I have bronchitis, and Ethan woke up with morning with a vomiting flu. Yet it doesn’t explain the fall I took last night that left a massive bruise on my left knee. I’m tired of everyone telling me I look and sound like shit, should get more sleep, or take it easy. There are things that have to be done around here that either no one else can do or should do, or things that simply have to be done on my own, like school work, going to classes, and the new job.

Someone actually suggested to me that I get a hobby. Holy shit, Batman! I have hobbies! What do you call knitting, blogging, and running? These keep me sane!

If anyone wants to spring for a live-in maid (with whom I can live in peace without that pesky power-based relationship), perhaps a cook that also grocery shops, eyeglasses, or a long vacation (that preferably isn’t in a mental health institution), then we can talk about all the rest I should be getting.

More on all this later if anything comes from the doctor’s visit I’m supposed to be making this afternoon.

Alternet Blog Survey

Via What She Said, I see that Alternet is taking a survey on blogs and how they should use and report on them. I filled mine out and added a slew of (in my opinion) fantastic bloggers who have little association with the Egosystem’s usual suspects.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite feminist bloggers. As a liberal pro-feminist news outlet, I predict that Alternet will pay attention to us.

Knitting, Beans, Ed Blog and Summers

I made a lengthy post on my ed blog in response to a dissenting commenter on the Summers controversy.

In other news, I have a substitute job this Wednesday working with two little ones in a special needs classroom as a para-professional. One is sight-impaired and the other is hearing-impaired. I hope that the two years of ASL I’ve slogged through might pay off in a real world situation with one of the kids.

Today I have next to no responsibilities (for once). I got another wild Crockpot hair up my butt and decided to cook Navy beans and sausage for dinner — and what’s funny is that I’ve never really liked them. I had a craving. I also plan on preparing a sock so someone can help me pick up stitches along the heel flap at tonight’s knitting group, knitting a bit more on the Klaralund, doing some laundry, and reading a lot of Shakespeare that I don’t care about. In addition, I may add more to the ed blog on some issues I’ve been mulling over.

Other than that, today is a day for sweatpants. Excellent.


Coverville might be my heaven. I’m listening to Aretha Franklin’s cover of “Eleanor Rigby” until my ears implode, and thus, it’s good to know that Coverville has me, um, covered with Joe Jackson’s version of the song once I’m done with Aretha.

Blame it on the lack of sleep.

via JC

What I’m Reading Since I’m Not Writing

• Lynn discusses a study on gender and sexuality in great detail:

The main thesis of the paper is, of course, what the title would suggest: Both men and women act as if sex is something women supply and men demand. It’s not enough for men and women to trade sex for sex; men need to supply something else to women to make it worth their while to sleep with them. This can be money or other resources, or it can be love, commitment, etc. So you can either read the argument as “Women are a bunch of frigid gold-diggers who exploit men by supplying sex to the highest bidder” – the cynical, “marriage is nothing but a longer term form of prostitution in which a woman sells to a single buyer” sort of take on the matter, or you can take the more angelic view of women, in which we’re purer and chaster than men, and therefore can control male sexual behavior by holding out for that ring on the finger (and someone who will actually, you know, hang around when sex starts producing kids).

Excellent post. Please read in it’s entirety.

• At Mousewords, Amanda continues to challenge the assertion that smart women are less marriagable by examining the masculine-active and feminine-passive.

• I’m down with LiL’s Rules for Life:

1.) to fail publicly and often; 2.) to learn to do something one is not naturally inclined towards; and the last 3.) the no jerk rule, which means you can’t be a jerk to people and have to try and get others not to be jerks either.

Every now and again, feel free to refer me back to these rules.

• In “Is this part of my sentence?” the Health Diva of Black Feminism looks at new statistics on prisoner abuse and assault. Most interesting is her pontification on the potential for the creation of a class of sexual slaves.

• Body and Soul looks at the unveiling of photographs of British soldiers abusing prisoners of war. Look familiar? At least the British will acknowledge that orders were given. Maybe W will too now that he’s been given this official providential mandate.

• Norbizness holds an Inaugural Nausea Captioning party. BYOB.

• One of the funniest polls I’ve seen of late is this one highlighted by Jacqui: “It appears as if 49% of our country views Bush as a ‘uniter’ while 49% think of him as a ‘divider.’ ” I hate whomever reported this poll on principle alone.

• Food Politicized: At Half-Changed World, this family of four engages in a social experiment to see what happens when they try to live on the government’s suggested food plan for a family of their size. Explanation of their original goal can be found here.

Hugo Schwyzer prepares to be interviewed (or “attacked”) by the infamous Glenn Sacks, a virulent anti-feminist radio talk show host, this Sunday. Scary.

• Netaloid looks at the institutionalization of racism for the MLK Jr. holiday:

…And so the influence of the white, rural congressional districts grows, and the representatives from black, urban districts lose influence among their peers in Congress. And, in white rural districts with no industry or job base, new private prisons become major job centers and economic engines, popular with the white residents and thus popular with their congressional representatives.

And so the disparity already present in the “justice” system becomes greater, and there is no outcry in Washington about the disparity because it feeds the private-prison growth industry. All with the unspoken approval of those faithful to a dominant political party so attuned to the concept of We the People that it has garnered a grand total of zero black members in the House of Representatives or the Senate.

And so American racism is even more insidiously institutionalized.

• Lynn explains the use of Emma Goldman’s horsewhip against fellow anarchist Johann Most. Well done.

Bitch Ph.D., Fred Vincy (additional writings on the topic listed at the end of the post), and Maureen Craig look further into the Summers statements, backlash, backpedaling, justification, and reactionary posturing. That anyone readily defends these kinds of beliefs is absolutely amazing.

Request Lines

Several topics to write on have been swirling about the head this week, primarily dealing with a small excerpt from one of my required readings that inspired an inner dialogue about my experience with and without teachers of color. I’m not quite ready to write on that yet. Still composing.

And thus, as it is done at the Republic of T, I’m opening the request line for this Friday.

Give me a topic to write on and I will pick one and do so.

When You See Your 80 Year-Old Chinese Grandmother Wearing the Members-Only Jacket, You Know It’s Not Cool Anymore

But I have agreed to carry the banner of uncoolness.

Roxanne has decided not to continue heading her own special Friday Random Ten meme so I’m taking over Friday’s festivities with her permission.

In the meantime, Norbizness has asked us to list 10 movies ranked in the Bottom 100 of all time on the Internet Movie Database that you have seen. In honor of Roxanne (a moment of silence please):

  1. Troll 2 (#13)
  2. Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 (#31)
  3. It’s Pat (#34)
  4. Cool as Ice (#36)
  5. Shanghai Surprise (#43)
  6. Mannequin: On the Move (#54)
  7. Spice World (#59)
  8. Barb Wire (#72)
  9. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (#74)
  10. Universal Soldier: The Return (#83)

I apologize for subjecting you to this list. Move along.

Writing the Internet

If you could suggest up to five notable websites or blogs for an unsavvy web user, what would those websites be?