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Life CD Swap

Who has received their CDs from the swap?

Oddly, shortly after reminding everyone to have theirs out by a certain date, my CD burner crapped out. I do have addressed envelopes ready to go once I figure out how to fix it.

Open thread – let’s hear about your CDs. Any suggestions for a future swap?

Guilt-Free Downloads: Danielson Familie

This atheist has been rocking out to this not-so-vaguely-and-yet-so-vaguely Christian band, the Danielson Familie, connected to Sufjan Stevens. It’s all in the background singers, quirky lyrics, and folk-punk stylings.

From lead Br. Danielson’s solo CD, “Brother is to Son”:
Things v. Stuff – This song title is adorable. The anti-materialist message doesn’t hurt either.

Daughters Will Tune You – The banjo does indeed rock.

From Danielson Familie’s “TriDanielson”:
Cutest Lil’ Dragon – It ate the love.

All three from the beautifully designed Sounds Familyre website.

Friday Random Ten – “You Should See the Bags Under My Eyes” Edition

As per weekly instructions:
Fire up that IPOD, MP3 or other digital media player
Set it to random play
List the first 10 songs

1. Sufjan Stevens – Abraham
2. Cat Power – No Sense
3. Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello – London Calling (live tribute to Joe Strummer)
4. Songs: Ohia – Love Leaves It’s Abuser
5. Nekromantix – Struck By a Wrecking Ball
6. Angie Stone – Ingredients of Love
7. Cee-Lo – Closet Freak
8. Aesop Rock – Big Bang
9. Frank Frost – My Back Scratcher
10. Trans Am – Uninvited Guest

Songs to Sing To Yourself, Or Perhaps, To Someone Else

Right-click, Save As. You know the deal.

Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man
I’ll admit I had no idea about this song until this weekend, but I fell asleep with it in my head last night and woke up with the chorus on repeat, wishing for something else to occupy my mental server.

Gay Pimp – You Picked the Wrong Fag To Fuck With
This is one of the most awful, ridiculous songs I have ever come across, but my god it’s entertaining. You’ll find yourself reciting lines without meaning to.

John Legend – Used To Love You
I don’t have cable anymore so I have no idea what’s going on in the current musical world, but a friend stopped by last week and insisted I find him this song. There’s nothing quite like a break-up empowerment song, one of my favorite themes in music, especially one so easy to dance to.

Mohammed Rafi – Jaan Pehechaan Ho (Let’s Get Acquainted)
I dare you to listen to this and not wiggle in your computer chair. This is rock ‘n roll Bollywood style. And yes, this is also the opening track in “Ghost World.”

Vashti Bunyan – I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
This sweet folk song is quietly catchy, the kind that sticks with you throughout your day. And I imagine your beloved wouldn’t mind hearing this, and probably at the expense of hearing Gay Pimp.

Speaking of singing to oneself and others, I think my next list of downloads should be Ethan’s favorite songs. The kid can sing.

ALSO: is back online. This is the most comprehensive listing of women in this genre, so if you like to rock and don’t mind rollin’ either, check out the site.