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NYC Women Have The Sex, Use Protection

From Ryan at Liberal Serving comes this odd little story, that New York City women have 23% more sex than women elsewhere in the country, and 93% use protection during their first time with a new person (and the other times?). This information was gathered by the condom company Trojan using a super-extra-scientific web survey.

As Ryan sez:

So apparently, wrapping condoms in pastel colors and soft, flowing shapes (and anorexic figures – take a look) will get them to buy more condoms. Well, can’t get too down on promoting condom use, even if it is through the inefficient filter of weird marketing. Sex ed would be a nice start. Maybe calming the hoards of condom-haters debating failure rates would help. Empowering individual women to take control of their sexual lives… well, I’m the last to know how to do that, though lesbian erotica is a gift of choice for me (giving – to others!). Regardless of the intent, pro-sex, pro-condom messages are good – even if creepy, and I’m anxious to see how this will all pan out.

Unfortunately I can’t see the article at the NYPost, so we’ll just have to take his word for it. Anyone who thinks Midwestern girls aren’t having enough sex to make the baby Jesus cry needs to come for a visit.

No pun intended, I swear.

Hipster Guerilla Advertising

Okay, post edited.

It appears I jumped to conclusions due to the American Apparel crap that has been happening in Blogtopia. Thereby I retract my initial cynicism and will re-promote these guys.

Turtle Tees are donating their entire month’s proceeds to the American Red Cross for Katrina victims. And if Mac knows and likes them, they’re a-okay by me.

Why is anyone still shopping at American Apparel?

American Apparel has been celebrated as a young, socially responsible company that rejects sweatshop labor and pays its workers well. This is all true. But for those of you who missed the Jane article documenting the bad behavior of AA’s founder, Dov “Walking Erection” Charney, here it is. Jane is also doing a little poll to see if the article about Charney (in which he masturbates in front of a female reporter, among other things) influences anyone’s decision to shop at AA. The article is interesting, and Jane is a great feminist-leaning mainstream publication, so check it out.

If you don’t live in New York or LA, you may not have seen AA’s ads. They feature out-of-the-mold (but still really beautiful) girls in kiddie-porn-like poses — you can see a few of them on the AA website.

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Via Mac I have discovered an eBay-esque site called Etsy where you can buy handmade items from all over the globe. I have decided that I will quite possibly keel over and die if I do not get my hands on this. Or this. And especially this.

I really need to learn to sew.